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Criminal Trespassing Ticket for Oak Lawn Branch Library Issued to Candace Elizabeth Brooks (a.k.a. Ariadne Phoenix Levinson), Uptown Dallas Art Collective Editor in Chief 3/20/2017

By: Candace Elizabeth Brooks (a.k.a. Ariadne Phoenix Levinson), Uptown Dallas Art Collective Editor in Chief

This morning, at approximately 10:50, all of a sudden all of the computers screens showed the same error message: that the machine was attempting to connect to the server. They remained “frozen” that way for approximately 5 minutes before I got up and tried asking  one of the librarians behind the desk (who just sold me a book that I had purchased for $1),  if she could write a note or print a note attesting to the fact that all of the computers at the library were off line, because this would help me in my job as a political blogger (to keep a record/explanation of the fact that it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to make the post I specifically had gone to the library to make on this day).

She told me to return to the front check out desk in a few minutes because her own computer was down at the moment. I told her it would also be acceptable if she quickly wrote the note by hand (this is the style of note that is accepted by Public School teachers as excuses for children’s absences, which pardon them for not being able to do their homework).

After finding another table where I could work on my photomontage art work (which feeds me) I then proceeded to grab a couple of magazines and showed up at the front check-out desk with them to purchase them for $.2 (two cents). This time, a police officer appeared to come out of the back room, and inform me, all of a sudden that he was called to the library to issue me a criminal trespassing warrant, which would bar me from the property (I believe it was later that he told me that it was for six months, outside the library when he gave me the actual ticket).

I asked him what my charges were, what were the allegations being made against me?

He replied that legally speaking it was not necessary for the police to be given any specific explanations as to the reasons for why they were being called out to issue Criminal Trespassing Warrants.

I told him that I find this  suspect and strange, and I told him who I am and that I am a victim of group stalking, that I am not a violent person, that I was not drunk. He told me that the librarians claimed that I was causing a “disturbance” at the branch.

While I was talking to the Police Officer, an Asian-American female librarian came up to me and took a picture of me on what appeared to be her personal cell phone (I think it was an Apple iPhone, which struck me as strange at the time, because I wondered why the library didn’t have its OWN cameras to take pictures of people who it randomly chooses to bar from the premises).

I really believe that the police were called because the librarian did not WANT to write me the note that would excuse me for being unable to make the intended post to my blog at the time, because this would legitimate my position as Uptown Dallas Art Collective Editor in Chief.

I told the police that I thought I was being discriminated against because I don’t have money, because the librarians there know that, and because they seem to know it won’t be in the near future when I can get a cell phone (like the police officer told me to do), and contact the Downtown Library about this matter (which I am presuming was all on tape, which I am testifying will back up my account of the matter here, since Truth and Accuracy (along with Love and Justice) are the values that I defend every single day in my crusade to raise Beethoven Awareness throughout the world).

I interpret my position as Uptown Dallas Art Collective Editor in Chief as requiring me to represent my ability to be able to post immediately with breaking news as I witness it, and to be able to have access and the ability to make posts AT ANY TIME that it is urgent for me to, since my blogs are a chronicle of my experiences as an investigative reporter/libertarian news artist, after Ayn Rand, whose primary purpose is to research the impact that Beethoven has on Capitalism in the United States of America.