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“The Issue of Homelessness in Dallas, TX, is a Cause for Civil and Human Rights Activism” Part Five

19467901_1945148305732603_2698054057102602767_oBy: Candace Elizabeth Brooks (a.k.a. Ariadne Phoenix Levinson), Uptown Dallas Art Collective Editor in Chief


Monday, June 19, 2017

In the last installment of this article on the blog, I was about to raise the question about where philanthropic funding goes that is intended to support causes like Homelessness and Domestic Violence in Dallas, TX.

It seems to me that with so many successful sports teams in the city, the problems of Homelessness and Domestic Violence would not be as apparent or problematic as they obviously are, if there were not some form of corruption (or other) going on.  

19467710_1945151322398968_628176075144839465_oAs a libertarian who has many reasons to distrust institutions that accept tax money donations (despite that I took student loans from the Government to pay for my undergraduate college degree and five years of Grad School, although I didn’t get my Master’s degree from O.U.), I would not be surprised to find out that a lot of money that is marked for charity ends up being spent on other things, probably a lot of money goes to the Human Trafficking Industry or Drug Industry. Nevertheless, as a Libertarian and a Philosopher + Disciple of  Ludwig van Beethoven, I am not here to moralize or judge people who are involved in activities such as the ones I am describing/hypothesizing, but which to this day I have never seen first hand.

19620914_1945153855732048_2416420723160162568_oMy purpose in writing this article is to raise awareness about other places where charity money can be raised in this city, such as the
Arts Industry, and to discuss the ways in which Art can be very therapeutic for people from all walks of life who live in Dallas, from homeless people to domestic violence cases to business people and citizens of Dallas to immigrants. Not only does the Art Industry hold potential for its ability to bring tourism to Dallas (the Arts District (which is the largest in the nation) could stand to be better advertised throughout the United States and world), but there are many ways in which art has been proven medically beneficial, such as in psychiatric cases or other incidents of trauma/infirmity/convalescence.