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Letter from the Editor in Chief

By: Candace Elizabeth Brooks (a.k.a. Ariadne Phoenix Levinson), Uptown Dallas Art Collective Editor in Chief

Dear Supporters and Contributors to Uptown Dallas Art Collective,

Its been a little over 4 years since I came back to Dallas with my dreams of turning my Beethoven novel into a screenplay, starring Gary Levinson (as himself as Beethoven as all of the characters in the novel).

Derailed from job search

Researched shelters

Researched faith community

Researched corporate outreach

Researched government & philanthropic institutions

I am ready to start saving for my own modest room and raise morale among the homeless community in the city of Dallas including myself.

Marilyn Monroe died at 36. I am going to be 35 on July 31. I am getting the urge to prove to myself that I have indeed accomplished something in my life, as it has always been my goal to do.

I am starting to feel the symptoms of depression, and I regret the onset of winter.

Having to leave the Apple Store so unexpectedly has made it necessary that I get my own room as soon as I can so that I can contact my friend who works at Apple Corporate and call him in a state of normalcy/life stability so that he will listen and help to change the environment over there on Knox St., which I allege is pervaded with antisemitic discriminatory/anti-progress energy.

I am confident that there are members in the community who have seen the kind of conduct/attitude I am alleging was projected at me and others by the workers there.

I am glad to have a smart phone but this kind of thing keeps happening, even now that I am no longer at Apple. I am stalked at the public library, and even my use of free WiFi is stalked at restaurants and Fed Ex Office.

Since I have been doing my research into the issue of group stalking as a quasi undercover journalist, and since I take my research in this way so seriously that I try to be a purist about it to the extent that I eschewed contact from my friends from my former life in High School, undergrad and grad school, in order for me to really get the most approximate version of reality/truth when trying to seek an answer to the question: “what is it like to be a homeless person?”, the only way that I will be able to communicate to those people who I know and consider my audience that my life as a homeless person is not really a veiled attempt to avoid them, is to show them that I am seeking and making plans to transition myself into my own room in a way that can be viewed as an example to others who find themselves in situations where they are forced yo depend on others, as a message to them that they don’t need to sell their bodies in prostitution or accept abusive environments/situations at shelters or even in relationships and workplaces.

Perhaps some of those who have contributed to UDAC on the street have wondered why I didn’t just save the money right away to go home as soon as I got pushed to defend my life at the street level. Maybe some of you are concerned that this behavior on my part doesn’t seem to betray an anxiety w getting back to my own home right away, and thus for this reason you might question my sanity.

My answer to doubts like these is that even if I had gone back to my old life right away, I would never be able to silence the suspicion that if I was treated with such misfortune (someone as hardworking as me, always concerned w following rules and living a responsible life), you can only imagine how badly other people had been treated who had unfortunately crossed paths w group stalkers. As a disciple of Ludwig van Beethoven, it is my responsibility to defend the ideals of egalitarianism that he martyred himself for.

Ultimately, the main message I am trying to convey to the citizens of this city is that I personally do not believe it is necessary to withhold basic human rights from people on the grounds that you disagree with their life choices. Also it is not my intention to leave Dallas. I hope to stay here and move forward with the plans for the Beethoven movie I came here with in 2013.

“The Issue of Homelessness in Dallas, TX, is a Cause for Civil and Human Rights Activism” Part Five

19467901_1945148305732603_2698054057102602767_oBy: Candace Elizabeth Brooks (a.k.a. Ariadne Phoenix Levinson), Uptown Dallas Art Collective Editor in Chief


Monday, June 19, 2017

In the last installment of this article on the blog, I was about to raise the question about where philanthropic funding goes that is intended to support causes like Homelessness and Domestic Violence in Dallas, TX.

It seems to me that with so many successful sports teams in the city, the problems of Homelessness and Domestic Violence would not be as apparent or problematic as they obviously are, if there were not some form of corruption (or other) going on.  

19467710_1945151322398968_628176075144839465_oAs a libertarian who has many reasons to distrust institutions that accept tax money donations (despite that I took student loans from the Government to pay for my undergraduate college degree and five years of Grad School, although I didn’t get my Master’s degree from O.U.), I would not be surprised to find out that a lot of money that is marked for charity ends up being spent on other things, probably a lot of money goes to the Human Trafficking Industry or Drug Industry. Nevertheless, as a Libertarian and a Philosopher + Disciple of  Ludwig van Beethoven, I am not here to moralize or judge people who are involved in activities such as the ones I am describing/hypothesizing, but which to this day I have never seen first hand.

19620914_1945153855732048_2416420723160162568_oMy purpose in writing this article is to raise awareness about other places where charity money can be raised in this city, such as the
Arts Industry, and to discuss the ways in which Art can be very therapeutic for people from all walks of life who live in Dallas, from homeless people to domestic violence cases to business people and citizens of Dallas to immigrants. Not only does the Art Industry hold potential for its ability to bring tourism to Dallas (the Arts District (which is the largest in the nation) could stand to be better advertised throughout the United States and world), but there are many ways in which art has been proven medically beneficial, such as in psychiatric cases or other incidents of trauma/infirmity/convalescence.