Pictures of [Ari’s, my] Room at the Boardinghouse (Where [she, I] was Only Able to Sleep/Stay for One Night due to a Bedbugs Infestation) After [her, my] Release from Terrell State Hospital in June 2015 After Being There for Three Weeks

I finished reading the New Testament there (I had both NIV and KJV…I finished it in KJV bc I was allowed to have access to my property after a few days of intake) and worked on my children’s book, “Queen Elizabeth Goes to Terrell State Hospital.” I think underneath the blanket in that picture is my backpack (the Fire Department near the Apple Store gave me a backpack and a blanket after I fainted in the store due to an episode of dehydration).

When I was first taken to Green Oaks, I weighed in at about 124 lbs. By the time I got to Terrell State I weighed 132 lbs, and I can’t remember my weight at my release, but I know that I started losing some weight on my last week there.

I left a lot of my belongings (including the backpack and blanket) and clothes at that house because it was too much trouble to take the bus all the way back and gather them and then transport them via bus to my sleeping location back under the bridge at Reverchon Park (this was my sleeping location for close to 9 months until someone possibly lawnmower men called the police and informed them that I was sleeping there).


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